Be Mindful of Yourself


stay mindful im not just a girl10 Daily ways to reduce Stress and cultivate Mindfulness and Self-Compassion are great points that I live by and help others see when we are together.  It’s hard to do them all everyday, but put a few on the list to accomplish each day.

  • Quietly begin the day with yourself
  • Set good intentions
  • Eat mindfully
  • Take Three Deep Breaths
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Stretch
  • Set Realistic and Manageable Expectations
  • Drive Mindfully
  • Transition Back from Work to Home
  • What went right during the day?

Most of these are easily obtainable.  And some you may think, “there is no way I can do that, or why should I do that”.  I encourage you to try!

My mom has always harped on me for drinking more water.  Keep hydrated and you will think clearer.  It’s actually true!  I can tell when I don’t drink enough water – everything gets a little out of sorts.

Working from home is a challenge.  If you work at home or away from home, it is important to manage your time and space to transition between the two.  It’s easy to want to keep working, or keep focusing on the family, but you owe it to both parties to be focused on the right element at the right time…then turn it off.  I have a set area for my office – when the light is turned off, we are closed for the day!

What went right during the day isn’t human nature.  We focus on what went wrong during the day.  In our house, when we talk about each others day, we both give highlights from the day – the quick bullet points that feature the high-lights and low-lights of the day.  A great way to get a conversation started and let the other person ask about what they are interested in.

Be grateful and always remember for find the good in everyday.  It is there.

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