Moving Tips (in 107* Heat)

MovingTruckI can’t remember anyone jumping up and down saying “Yea! I am moving this weekend.”  Well, maybe the situation for the move was exciting, but the labor and general disruption of a normal scheduled routine is rough.  Not to mention you have to figure out where everything fits in the new house!

We moved over the weekend.  The continual and successful growth of the Race Team Store demanded some type of adjustment.  After months of looking, we finally found an option that satisfied all our needs.  Paperwork got handled.  Move day was set.  Oh, boy…it’s August in Arizona and 107 degrees outside.  This stinks!

I’ve moved a few times and it never gets easier.  Luckily I had everything contained before the guys came to help.  Yes, we used friends.  And big trucks.  It was an orchestra of diesels starting as we moved from one spot to the next.  I giggled.

Here are a Bakers Dozen Tips for Moving:

moving on

To me, moving is always a time when a chapter closes and a new one is started!

1. Get it Packed!  Trust me, you don’t want to have other people packing your breakable items.  Your Grandma’s China is important to you…not to them.  Do it yourself!  (Or if you are lucky enough to have your Mom helping…that is the perfect room for her to be in charge of!)

2.  Use Towels, Sheets & Clothes to pack your breakables.   Don’t mess around with newspapers and packing materials when you have everything you need already in your house.  Plus that will eliminate at least one box along the way. (Soda & Beer boxes work great too!)

3. Keep your drawers intact.  I have never emptied my drawers, in fact I tend to pack them more (shhh!).  If you can load with all the drawers that’s awesome.  If not, take them out, move the furniture and put them back in on the trailer and then repeat at the new house.  OR if you can’t get the drawers back in, cover them with saran wrap…it works great to keep everything in one spot.

4. Move the furniture in first. If you can, try to get all the furniture on the first loads.  Push the boxes out of the way.  Get the furniture into the desired location in the new house and then you can bring the boxes on the next loads and put into the right area of the room.  Why keep moving them around while you place big furniture?

colored duct tape5.  Got colored Duct Tape?  I know you have a few! 😉  Color code your rooms so you know what box goes in what room.  Great help if you have a bunch of muscle helping you move boxes.  Then use for lots of other cool projects later!

6.  Pack your suit cases.  Don’t let anything that can carry items go unpacked.  I always use the suitcases for the items that are the most important…need to be rolled in and unloaded right away.  It is hard to miss where the suitcases went vs trying to figure out which box or tote you need.  If you don’t have a lot of suitcases, then pack the important items into clear plastic bins.  This idea should include any of your overnight items as well. Don’t loose track of your toothpaste!  (I did!  Luckily I had my travel bag handy. lol)

7. Do you have a toyhauler or enclosed trailer?  I loaded my trailer for a few weeks before.  All the stuff that is stashed in the closets.  All the Holiday decorations.  Boxes that can be unloaded over the next few weeks, stash them into your trailer and let that be the easy move out / in project.

8.  Electronics have more cords than ever before.  If you have to undo all the cords, take a picture with your phone before you touch one of them!  You will thank me later for this one!  The stress level should go down considerably when trying to get your TV and internet working again.

cupboard of food9.  Eat out of your cupboards.  Have you ever tried to do this?  It’s actually a fun little challenge!  Get rid of your food…can food, dry food, refrigerator food, freezer food.  Work at putting together some interesting meals.  Pinterest is a great source of ideas!   I had a bunch of rice and chicken soup and made an awesome casserole one night.  Other than buying some produce and a few minor things, we ate really well for a good week and surprised our taste buds with something new.  Why move food?  It’s heavy and with the frozen/refrig food you have potential to have it go bad.

10.  Pre-Planned Downsizing.  Get rid of some stuff.  Have a garage sale a couple weeks before you move.  I wrote a whole article on Garage Sale Tips.  Put your big items up on CraigsList to sell.  You would be surprised at what you can move quickly…for the right price.  This is also a great note if you need items for your new house…watch for people moving…they are always trying to get rid of items at the last minute…cheap!

11. Set up Utilities.  Set up your utilities, internet, cable and phone to overlap.  Just consider it part of the expense of moving.  You usually need both to be running at the same time.  Well, at least the utilities.  Call your provider for more information….remember you may move once every few years, but they deal with dozens of people moving every month.  They know their business and what’s best for you.

12. Cleaning stinks!  I am a clean freak, so I thought.  I like to keep my house clean, and thought I was doing a great job at it…until we moved the big furniture and saw all the dust bunnies behind the furniture.  Don’t be shy to doing a good cleaning a couple weeks before you move, it will make the final wipe down a little easier.

12.1  Try and go to your new house before you move in and put a good clean on it.  Do the bathrooms, kitchen and give the floors your attention.  Now it is ready for furniture….and that long hot shower you will want at the end of moving day!

12.2  Don’t pack up your cleaning supplies and tool box.  Those are the last thing to be loaded.  Utilize all the cleaning supplies to spiff up your old house and make sure it is presentable for the next guest.  Keeping the tool box handy helps with any last minute pictures or items that need a quick fix.

13. Consider hiring a moving company.  Even if you do have friends, even if it is a local move, it may be worth it.  Consider the time, the beer cost and the labor.  Consider letting the moving company do the bulk of the move and the important items can be done by you and your friends.  I know I’m going to hire a moving company the next time!

poolYes, there are still a ton of boxes that need dealing with, but my suitcases are unpacked and my office is fully operational!  The store has a lot more room for growth and we are both happy.  Please check it out and see if there is anything you like, or if you have something you would like to sell in the store, it’s easy to get started!  If you can’t decide…there is always the Shirt Swag Club!

Oh, did I mention there is a Pool!?  That makes the move in August during 107* temps worth it all!

And the One Specific Moving Tip for 107* Heat

1. Don’t do it 🙂

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