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Facebook Fan Page Friday is an opportunity for our group to network together.  Support others.  Meet new people.  Keep the money in the family.  (I personally always look for people in the offroad group to buy from, and hope you would consider the same.)

Everyone is welcome to post their page, it doesn’t have to be just an ‘off road’ page…if you are reading this then you are part of our circle and we want to support your business/team/charity/club/event!!  Who knows, there may be people that need your services or want to join your cause!

How Does it Work?   SEE LAST WEEKS HERE
 – Post the link to Your Fan / Business Page, or a Page that you Like in the Comments.
 – If you want to add a sentence or so about your business/team/charity/club/event you can.
 – Check out the other Pages Posted, maybe there are a few you will Like!
– Come back throughout the day to watch for comments on your post, and to see more pages.
Take it to the Next Level!
 – Get active with others posts.  We all like commenting!
 – Tip: If you Tag Yourself in the photo that we host (it will be the graphic above) Facebook will notify you when there is new activity.
 – Share the Opportunity! Bring your friends Pages to the Party. Share and let them know to join in!
Not Every Week…
– We won’t host one every week, but when we do, you need to participate.  There will be new and different eyes…or maybe they saw you in the last Fan Page Friday but didn’t Like the Page.  Jump in there!  It’s Fun!
Let’s Schedule a Fan Page Friday for THIS WEEK!
  >>>  Watch for the Post Friday Morning <<<

I encourage everyone to join us on our social media sites! ~Charlene

                @charlenebower  #imnotjustagirl

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