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It is that time of the day.  14 hours of working completed.  Computers kicking my butt.  Website CSS and Html driving me to drink.  Emails sent all over the world.  Orders shipped.  and #PistonCat…I can see him in the distance, eyeing me like he is about ready to attack my ankles for attention.  Just another day….can’t remember the last day I took off…over 10 now…

Ate my breakfast and lunch at my desk.  Had my assistant working just as hard. (not Piston, a real person lol)  We got goals.

Let’s see, I also cycled all the laundry, took a half hour to get on the treadmill, checked the dishwasher for the strange noises that it is making and wished my brother a happy birthday, again.  I think it is time to make some dinner, the sun is setting into a nice orange sky tonight.

Working from home is a bigger challenge than most realize. Luckily I have always had strong work ethic, so I tend to stay focused…I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t.

piston cat

Posted on Administrative Assistant Day: I would like to thank my Administrative Assistant that keeps me on task everyday and thinks all my ideas are awesome!
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Melanie Hoit, part of the Falken Tire family, shared this article a few days back on Facebook, and I felt it was worth putting forward.

In this article (which is worth a full read) they point out five traits that you must have to work from home.

  • Laser Focued – Got it!
  • Mad Organizational Skills – Most the time – lol – I got lists!
  • The Ability to Work Alone – Yep!  But poor Matt when he gets home…I have to tell him all about my day…or ask his opinion on my work options.  Who else did I have to talk to? The Cat?
  • Excellent Communication Skills – Most the Time
  • Self-Motivation – Got it!

Trust me, I have my radio on full time.  Half the time I am whistling, half the time it is purely white noise.

Do you work from home? What are your experiences?

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