Bakers Dozen Tips

stay mindful im not just a girl

Be Mindful of Yourself

  10 Daily ways to reduce Stress and cultivate Mindfulness and Self-Compassion are great points that I live by and help others see when we are together.  It’s hard to do them all everyday, but put a few on the list to accomplish each day. Quietly begin the day with yourself Set good intentions Eat […]

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troy stone live the life

Things To Do To Be Successful

It is hard to be successful, it is even harder to be surrounded by successful people.  I found this list that inspired me and I have been working on doing the Hard Things! You have to make the call you’re afraid to make. You have to get up earlier than you want to get up. […]

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charlene birthday promotion

Birthday Reflection

It’s my birthday!  To me it has become a milestone… “Made another one!  Must be doing something right!” It is rarely a relaxing day, or an ability for me to turn off my regular work… “It’s just another day!” But it is very special, because I share my Birthday with my Mom…  “It’s my Mom’s […]

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Facebook Post with Tons of Comments!

Find Your Cat

Piston got out.  He wandered off with hours on us. Now what?  How do you find a cat?  I have no idea!  I have never lost a cat before. The emotions run high and fast.  Is he here, there, ran over, eaten by Coyotes, under a car, in a tree, in someone’s house?  It’s not […]

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50+ Discounts

This is a few more than a bakers dozen of ideas for saving money for the over 50 crowd.  USE IT!  That is what I have to say. Take the list below (there may be more available that I didn’t find) and print it all…. or make yourself a short list of your favorites, or […]

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Southwest Sunset

Airplane Travel Tips

My dad is a Million+ Mile Flier.  I am just a pup compared to that, but I do find myself at the airports quite a bit traveling across the country to off-road events.  Here are some tricks that I have picked up along the way.  ~ Charlene 1. Have a Good Trip.  Don’t worry. Don’t […]

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Moving Tips (in 107* Heat)

I can’t remember anyone jumping up and down saying “Yea! I am moving this weekend.”  Well, maybe the situation for the move was exciting, but the labor and general disruption of a normal scheduled routine is rough.  Not to mention you have to figure out where everything fits in the new house! We moved over […]

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Garage Sale Success

Garage Sell Success Marketing

Every type of selling is different.  I have been involved in most segments of retail selling for years, but not until this year have I ever put together a ‘Garage Sale’.   I am not claiming that I am awesome at it, but I got rid of quite a few boxes of stuff!! If you […]

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