man list

20 Things Men Do

That Women Probably Don’t Know About….   This list made me laugh!  And because I actually do know that most are true.  Guys…??     I encourage everyone to join us on our social media sites! ~Charlene                    @charlenebower  #imnotjustagirl Have You Visited Our Store?

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Piston cat Devil Ears

Dress Up Your Pet Day

This Silly Holiday makes me laugh.  Yes, I have been known to gawk at the cute little outfits…but I have a CAT not a DOG.  Who dresses up their cat?  I will be honest and say it wasn’t my idea, it was my ex-roommates idea.  I would go on plane trips where I couldn’t take […]

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open a beer can bottle

How Many Ways to Open a Beer

How many ways are there to open a beer?  Can or Bottle? Well, I know of a few standard options, but this video really takes the beer chugging opportunities to the next level. There is no doubt that the title How to Open a Beer – The Ultimate Compilation by ClipNationdotcom Is a Perfect Fit!  I laughed at some, […]

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