Garage Sale Success

Garage Sell Success Marketing

Every type of selling is different.  I have been involved in most segments of retail selling for years, but not until this year have I ever put together a ‘Garage Sale’.   I am not claiming that I am awesome at it, but I got rid of quite a few boxes of stuff!! If you […]

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Ugly Truck Day

National Ugly Truck Day

Do you have the Ugliest Truck Ever? Saturday July 20th is National Ugly Truck Day… Let’s get the celebration started early! Starting today Tuesday July 16th through Saturday July 20th Post Your Ugliest Truck PHOTO to Bower Media’s Facebook Wall…Put it right there where everyone can see it!  (Not in the messages, right up there on the wall!) […]

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honda logos

What Does Honda Make Video and Huge List

Honda?  Yes, you know CR500’s.  Oh, a TRX450!  Oh, they make cars too.  I have one of their generators.   Yep, and airplanes.  Really! Did you know HOW BUSY the Honda hands have been?! Honda has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume, […]

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measuring tape

National Tape Measure Day

Who has a tape measure in the house, craft room or garage, raise your hand. (scan) Who has a tape measure in any of their vehicles, raise your hand. (scan) Who has used a tape measure in the last 24 hours, raise your hand. (scan) What do you think the results were?  I guess it […]

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Ralph Lauren car collection

Car Collector Appreciation Day

Do you collect cars?  Purposely or is that what you tell your wife about the assortment in the yard!?  Either way, today is the SEMA encouraged Car Collector Appreciation Day.  “The SEMA Action Network (SAN)is again working to secure a U.S. Congressional resolution to recognize the day’s national significance. In honor of this occasion, thousands of […]

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bfg tires raceline wheels

BFGoodrich Tires Playground Earth Video and Coupon

You know I am a BFGoodrich Girl.  Always have been.  Just being honest.  I love my BFG All-Terrains on my truck. I mean, look how fancy they are >> I have always chosen BFG as my big tire option, most recently switched my little car to BFG, and I guess I am brand loyal enough to say…They […]

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charlene bower arizona

Some Days

Some Day…just aren’t meant to be! I believe in it! So, after a long hard February with our all so famously time destructing King of the Hammers race and vendor show, coupled with my debit card that got compromised and a host of other small but nit picky things that really don’t add up to anything, […]

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