33 Finalists Announced for Ladies Co-Driver Challenge

CDC-8x8Promo-1After a social media Vote of Confidence process, the 30 ladies with the highest amount of likes and comments were selected to be the finalists for the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge.   In addition to the top 30 girls, 3 “wild card” spots were chosen at random from the rest of the 61 entries. All ladies are working to earn a co-driver spot with Charlene Bower at three separate off-road events happening this year with BFGoodrich® Tires. The 30 semi-finalists were announced via a Facebook Live Stream, then Charlene randomly selected the 3 additional spots live.   All finalists are listed below.

With the Vote of Confidence complete, Charlene has reached out to all 33 girls with questions, and interviewed them for a special episode of Bower Power Hour. The team at Bower Media is narrowing down the field to 8 finalists who will be announced at the Ladies Meet & Greet at Jeep Beach in Florida on Thursday April 21st from 5-6pm. The 8 finalists will be invited to a training weekend in Arizona to meet with Charlene as well as practice driving, navigating, shooting, and other various physical activities. After the training weekend in Arizona, the 3 winners will be announced at another Ladies Meet & Greet following week.

“Last week was simply amazing.  I loved watching the offroading community come together to support all of these amazing women.  The overwhelming response from them was how glad they were to be part of it, and how uplifted they felt from their peers, family and friends comments.  We ended up logged 28,768 likes and comments between Facebook and Instagram for all the ladies, of whom all worked very hard to move onto the next step,” said Charlene Bower, Owner of Bower Media. “I could never have predicted the results of last weeks numbers, and the professional and friendly way that each girl acted and reacted to the challenges and comments presented with the social element.  I, again, praise BFGoodrich Tires for allowing me the opportunity to put this project into play which allowed these ladies to shine.”

30-plus-3-Ladies-Co-Driver-ChallengeThe contest is designed to gather entries from girls across the country, using social media and Bower Power Hour interviews to help Charlene determine the best match for her.  The three events will be RallyVenture in June, BFGoodrich Tires 36 Hours of Uwharrie in August, and the all girls Rebelle Rally in October. Each of these events will offer a unique competition experience alongside Charlene, as well as a behind the scenes look at the actual events themselves. The girls chosen will be Charlene’s second in command for the entirety of the event, and will have the opportunity to drive, navigate, and compete in all sorts of challenges to accrue points at the events.  There will be three winners, one for each event this year.

You can learn more about the 33 ladies on www.BowerMediaTours.com. Or by clicking on their name below to go to their Facebook picture: Alice GerstAmber TurnerAngie DowAngie MitchellAshlie CardilloAudrey ByrdDenise NelsonHeather SwigartJane ThurmondJessica ChasseJournee RichardsonKalee HunterKaleigh HotchkissKimrah TurnerKristen EndresKristie MooreLauren MartinLeigh SingletonLisa CarterMakayla HolsteinMarcie HricziscseMartha TansyMichelle PerezRachle EngleRebeca OlavarrietaRebecca DonagheRileigh AugustineSamantha HopkoSarah LukerTeralin PetereitTina RayTrisha GlezenVanessa Doltar.

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