Birthday Reflection

It’s my birthday!  To me it has become a milestone… “Made another one!  Must be doing something right!”

It is rarely a relaxing day, or an ability for me to turn off my regular work… “It’s just another day!”

But it is very special, because I share my Birthday with my Mom…  “It’s my Mom’s Birthday too! I was her present!”

Birthdays were brought into perspective for me by a friend recently… “Age is only important if you are Cheese”

With the Addition of Facebook, it makes our Birthday’s much more public and accountable, which is fun…  “Thank you for all the Birthday wishes!! I just went through and read all 404 of them, and responded to 384 before Facebook said I was commenting too much (really, Facebook?) LOL”

And then there is another reason to run a promotion… “Because it’s my Birthday, and I get to make the rules, and I like to Party…. I want to celebrate by giving gifts!! Join any of our Shirt Clubs this weekend and I will refund you $5! ( // FREE Shipping on the Race Team Store using code: CBDAY ( // Join our News Crew Email for more info: -> Feel free to share this with your friends….Let’s Party all weekend…these Gifts are available through Sunday”

charlene birthday promotionBut really the day is all about reflection on the last year, and I am no slouch on holding myself accountable for my errors and have learned how to take time to celebrate my successes.

In my email to you, I made my formal statements:

I always reflect on my birthday. Some years have better reflections than others 🙂  This last year was awesome.

I am truly lucky to wake up with a smile and thank God it usually stays all day!  I am given some type of challenge every day, some huge, others so minor I don’t even realize it, but that is what keeps my life so unique.  I didn’t get to where I am today by taking a nap…although I may splurge today. 🙂

Love my Mom >who’s birthday is today too!< Dad, Brother and Matt for their unconditional support and pushing me to be better.  Oh, Piston, how he keeps me on my toes!

I appreciate all my friends far and near (YOU!)
You all matter to me.  Thank you for helping me put another great year in the books!

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I am looking forward to another year filled with lots of challenges, and even more successes.  Here are a Bakers Dozen tips to keep all of us on our toes:

  1. Look for the Niche in Life that makes you Happiest
  2. Being Kind is more important than Being Right
  3. Honesty is the first chapter of the Book of Wisdom
  4. Anyone who reaches out for help is Entitled to Your Compassion and Attention
  5. Live by your Standards, not Other Peoples
  6. Conduct has the Loudest Tongue
  7. When you have stopped learning, you are dead
  8. Look for opportunities to show Praise & Appreciation
  9. When in doubt, Mumble
  10. Always be ambitious and strive for what you want, you will never be Bored
  11. Be Inquisitive, ask many questions
  12. Live your life for others as well as for yourself.


13.  If God is Watching Us, the Least we can do is be Entertaining.


Live every day!  We live in a world right now where that has become more and more important!


PS – I didn’t even get a nap on my birthday…the only thing I really wanted 🙂  But Matt did take me out to dinner, a very nice dinner.  We went to Monti’s in Tempe.  It is rich with history, and being the history buffs that we are, it really spiked our interest.  The building was the first Tempe pioneer building in 1871, and was the birth house to Carl Hayden who would become Arizona’s first Congressman.  Read the whole history HERE.  Yes, they say it is haunted!

When we got home, I opened up a huge box that my Mom & Dad had sent me.  Packed with all kinds of random goodness!  It’s what they do…you never know what you are going to get.   Then settled on the couch for a bowl of ice cream and a movie.  A simple end to a great day!


Have words that you live by?  Feel free to share them in the comments below or on any of our Social Pages!

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