Bubble Bath Day

bubble bath cat

Piston needs a bath…I’ll let you know how this goes!

Let us not let Bubble Bath Day just slip by.  Slip out of those work clothes, turn on the stereo, grab your book and slide into the tub.  Shhhh….it’s ok…no one will bother you. (maybe!)

I was one of the lucky kids where my parents remodeled the bathroom the day I left for college.  Yep.  I had the standard ol bathtub in our bathroom growing up and then the day I moved out they put in a super tall tub…with jets!  I tease them that I am come back for my baths, in addition to visiting of course.

There is something about soaking in hot water.  That then turns cold. Why does that happen? So disappointing.

Then there is the true technique of getting into the bath, soaking for a few and then getting your hands dry enough to pick up your book or magazine without getting it wet.  I’m not going to claim I have mastered that yet.

Bubbles, well yes, I love bubbles!

Did you know: Foam baths became standard practice for bathing children after the mass marketing of products so positioned in supermarkets during the 1960s and thereabouts.  Have I mentioned how much I love marketing!


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