Car Collector Appreciation Day

Ralph Lauren car collection

Ralph Lauren

Do you collect cars?  Purposely or is that what you tell your wife about the assortment in the yard!?  Either way, today is the SEMA encouraged Car Collector Appreciation Day.  “The SEMA Action Network (SAN)is again working to secure a U.S. Congressional resolution to recognize the day’s national significance. In honor of this occasion, thousands of Americans like you will gather at car cruises, parades and other events to celebrate our nation’s automotive heritage.”(S*)

SEMA itself is opening up their office space to help celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day at SEMA Headquarters in Diamond Bar, California, on July 12!  Drive your collector car over to celebrate the day and they will host you and one friend to lunch from In-N-Out. They anticipate that this year’s celebration will be bigger than ever!

If you aren’t in the Southern California area, there is a hosted calendar with event locations in multiple states.  CLICK HERE to see the whole list, understand more about the event and help support the legislation cause.

Lets get back to Car Collections….I picked three random collections to feature, all from different eras and focus.  There are so many more!

Probably one of the most talked about Car Collections is Jay Leno’s Garage.

Here is a video of CNN going inside…   “It’s fun to restore cars and fix them up.  Taking something that ran 100 years ago and getting them to work again.”


and then if you want to dig deeper… check out his whole YouTube Channel…  It starts with this feature over view video.  My favorite quote from this video? “My wife always asks me why I do all those burnouts…I do them for the kids!” squeeeeeeeellllllllll   Love it!  A fast paced video for sure! (with lots of burnouts!)



Ralph Lauren Car Collection.  “Cars have always inspired me, it’s the details in cars that I love and have utilized those details in watches and furniture.  I believe cars are works of art.  It’s technology, mechanics, details and to me that is a special type of art.”



or how about 50 Cent Car Collection?  I haven’t been able to find a very good video that shows his collection, but I do know he has a very fancy collection!  Read this FORBES Article…it is comical and real and features some photos.  I think he likes blue!  Read Now


These are only three of thousands…Who are your favorite collectors??  I really am interested… comment, email or plug into any of our social media below and let me know.


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