Dentist’s Day

dentist day

Have you thanked your Dentist Lately?  I know, just like every Doctor, they are not one that you like to go and see, but they are in some ways a different breed of Doctor.

They preach Prevention more than anything!  I know I hate hearing them remind me to floss and use a toothbrush for more than two minutes a day… but did you know conditions in the oral cavity may be indicative of systemic diseases such as osteoporosisdiabetes, or cancer. Many studies have also shown that gum disease is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and preterm birth.

All dentists in the United States undergo at least two years of undergraduate studies, but most complete a bachelors degree. This schooling is followed by four years of dental school to qualify as a “Doctor of Dental Surgery” (DDS) or “Doctor of Dental Medicine” (DMD).

Did you know?  Dr. John M. Harris started the world’s first dental school in Bainbridge, Ohio, and helped to establish dentistry as a health profession. It opened on 21 February 1828, and today is a dental museum. The first dental college, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, opened in Baltimore, Maryland, USA in 1840. Philadelphia Dental College was founded in 1863 and is the second in the United States.  Source;

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