Dress Up Your Pet Day

This Silly Holiday makes me laugh.  Yes, I have been known to gawk at the cute little outfits…but I have a CAT not a DOG.  Who dresses up their cat?  I will be honest and say it wasn’t my idea, it was my ex-roommates idea.  I would go on plane trips where I couldn’t take Piston and Shana would watch over Piston.  It was common that I would get a “dress-up” text with him in some outfit.  Classic, Yes!  Funny, Yes!  Mean, maybe a little.  Piston sure didn’t like it, although he is getting much better about it these days.

Enjoy the pictures!

piston cat red tie

Went for a more sophisticated look at this years Christmas Party

Piston cat santa outfit

You can see him sneaking an eye like he is asleep!

piston cat santa charlene

Wearing his UGLY SWEATER PARTY outfit



Piston cat Devil

Piston cat Devil Ears




Piston cat christmas grinch

Piston cat KTM


PIston Team Awesome

Does a flatbill hat on the dash of the truck count?

I know there are more that Shana sent me, but I can’t find them on my phone or on Facebook.  Dangit! Lost forever….at least these won’t be!

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