Find a Rainbow Day

Rainbow CupcakesToday is Find a Rainbow Day…  I always want to chase Rainbows to find the Pot of Gold at the end…it is there, right?  I think I did find the end of one once…it just ran into the ground, it was very interesting to see…but I will have to say I was disappointed there wasn’t the gold that I had been searching for!


I have seen some amazing rainbows in all my travels through the desert, and am happy to say that it is all sunshine here today!

So we will have to get creative to find one.  How about some cupcakes?  These look yummy!


Did you know?

The rainbow is one of those natural wonders that has touched the hearts of the world.  It gives beauty, hope, and sometimes fear through those that fear it.  Legends surrounding the colorful image span the entire globe.

The Irish legend is one of the most famous.  Probably because to the listener there is the chance of finding that elusive pot of gold.  According to the story, there is a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rain bow that is guarded by a leprechaun.  Everyone searching for the end of the rainbow, but usually finds that the little creatures have already spirited it away.

To many of the Native American tribes and other cultures, the rainbow was a bridge that linked the earth to the heavens.  To many it was the path souls traveled.  It was a communication from the gods.

Some cultures from Eastern Europe viewed a rainbow as death or a sign of trouble.  Others believed that when a span of several decades went by with no rainbows the end of the world would be upon us all.

Many of these legends might come from the Hebrew and Christian Bible in which a rainbow was given as a sign after the flood that God would not destroy the entire earth with a flood again.  It was a sign of hope and a promise.  To many cultures it still holds the same feeling.


So What is a Rainbow?

A rainbow appears in the sky almost by magic. But in reality it is a dance between sunlight and water. The rain falls from the sky and if you are lucky to see it on a sunny day with the sun behind you the chance of seeing a rainbow is huge. The sunlight passes through the raindrops which act as a prism and separates the colors that make up light. The result is the beautiful and colorful arch.

The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Or so we thought. In reality a rainbow is made up of all colors that the naked eye can’t see. The magic of the rainbow is stronger than we think.

The next time you see a rainbow take the time to enjoy its beauty as the sun and moisture in the air meet to give us this wonderful array of beauty.

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