Macaroni Day

I was really excited to see that today is Macaroni Day!  I am always looking for an excuse to eat Mac & Cheese.  It is by far my favorite comfort food.

Bower Mac and CheeseMy Mom makes the best.  Hands down.  She knows when I come home or when we go camping together that Mac & Cheese is a must on the list.  The funny part is my Brother hates Mac & Cheese…and this makes me laugh.  So we have to strategically arrange the day or lunch to enjoy.

Now, this is no out of the box Mac and Cheese, this is some serious effort home made scrumptiousness!  Ham and cheese and shell or bow tie noodles.  Yummy.

Well, she shared her recipe with us when we were home a couple weeks ago and Matt has been all about trying to make it.  So yesterday he did.  We have negotiated the quality of Mac and Cheese the day of vs sitting a day and eating the next day.  We both agree that it is better after sitting so it got made yesterday.  Yes, we are excited.  🙂


One of my funniest childhood memories is travelling to Salt Lake City to visit my Mom’s family and skiing all the slopes in the surrounding area. (How lucky I was…and didn’t even know!)  All the adults went out to dinner and left all of us kids in charge of our own dinner.  We were going to make Mac and Cheese!  Well, in our recipe there is a fine mix of flour and milk to make the cheese thick.  If that mixture is off in any way…it gets ugly.  And it did!  It went straight to paste.  We even put it out on the porch and the cat wouldn’t come close.  We all laughed and laughed, and I have no idea what we finally ended up having for dinner.  All I know is my brother will never let me live that down!


My friend Melissa also makes an amazing Mac and Cheese.  How about you?  Do you have a special recipe?


I will update this with the results!  In the meantime, check out all the different types of Mac & Cheese!

macaroni and cheese

UPDATE!  It was amazing!!   I could smell it seeping into my office around 6:30 and couldn’t be more excited.  I instagram mac and cheesestarted to shut down for the night (well at least until I moved the laptop to the couch) and went into see the goods!  Yes!  That is what I found.  I don’t know how he made it, but it was about 4 different cheeses from what I hear.

After we were done scarfing down the meal that I love so dear, we called my Mom so we could tell her the good news!  We did it!  and Yes, Mom, we had Spinach with the meal.  She was excited and said she was going to make it for dinner tonight!


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