National Cheesecake Day

Cheesecake!? Did someone say Cheesecake!?  Oh, boy, my favorite.  No, I’m not really the plain Jane type…I like my topping and swirls and all the goodness that goes with it.  Oh and calories too, but whose counting?  It’s National Cheesecake Day!!

heart cheesecakeMy parents love cheesecake too.  Their wedding cake was a heart shaped cheesecake with cherries spread across the top. (Not the picture, but similar)

Do you make your own?  I have tried a few times and have never been highly successful.  The consistency of the Cheesecake never comes out the way it should.

Do you put special Toppings on?  Let me give up one of my featured tricks… Go to Costco and buy one of their plain cheesecakes.  Costco bakes fresh daily, so you are going to get something awesome and fresh.  Then grab baskets of fresh fruit, some nuts, some honey and anything else you think would be an awesome topping.  If you are having a party, like a bachlorette or baby shower, put all the different toppings into their own bowl then everyone can make their own cheesecake!   Just like you would make an ice cream sundae.

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I will admit that the best cheesecake clearly comes from the Cheesecake Factory!  (Maybe that is why they have that name…)  Today, for National Cheesecake Day, they are having 1/2 off any piece of cheesecake!  I may have to go and get a piece of the Crazy Carrot Cake Cheescake_Factory_Cheesecake_AssortmentCheesecake.  Have you ever seen their list?  Making me drool….

Ok, you have my permission, break the diet and splurge on a piece of Cheesecake. 🙂  Which one is your favorite?

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