Thanksgiving Weekend


Bower Media Thanksgiving WeekendThanksgiving Day found me in Arizona, not in California with my family, or in the Dunes with my Glamis family.  We kicked off the day at the Fountain Hills, AZ Thanksgiving Parade.  Rumored to be the only Thanksgiving parade this side of the Mississippi, but confirmed as the only Thanksgiving parade in Arizona for sure.  As with any Thanksgiving, the rest of the day was spent eating, laughing and enjoying friends company.

Like any car enthusiast, a Parade is the best time to see and enjoy some rare jewels, and there were quite a few in this parade.  Below are some pictures of those that caught my eye:

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Bower Media Thanksgiving WeekendThere is nothing pretty about them.  They look ugly.  Get over it.  They are more capable than most of the $100k buggies that are being built today.  Yes, I wasn’t talking about the guys…I was talking about the buggies!

The Undertakers 4×4 Club out of Arizona did a Black Friday run in the Sycamore Creek area.  Twelve rigs showed up.  With the rule of thumb being one hour per rig for the trail, it was bound to be a long day.  Always pushing the limits, yet knowing their limits, the group of experienced hard-core wheelers made the trail their puppet this particular day, completing it in less than 7 hours!  Not saying there wasn’t carnage: the welder came out for a steering repair and a tire got stripped beyond the cords.

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Bower Media Thanksgiving WeekendSaturday should have been a short easy day.  Nope.  Next purchase for the buggy: Suspension for dirt roads!  After running a trail in the Florence, AZ area, the group of three decided to go to a trail that none had been to recently.  Recently meaning years.  Years meaning “I think I know how to get there, but may not know how to get us back around to the trailers.”  That should have been a sign: STOP.  Nope.  We went.

The buggy ride was not awesome, it was bumpy.  I am really glad that Matt had Plenty of Patience.  The leader kept saying to look at the view every time we stopped to check the GPS.  That is why there are so many scenery pictures that I am not normally known for.  It was pretty.

When we finally found the trail, it was in true Undertakers 4×4 nature of vertical waterfalls and obstacles that a normal person wouldn’t even consider a vehicle being capable of.  Everyone made it through with no issues, but then there was that part of getting back to the truck.  A couple wrong turns on the dirt road system and eventually we made it back as the sky turned black.  It was a pretty sunset.

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You would think by Sunday I would just want to see the inside of my eyelids and the couch.  Nope.  Time to have 30+ people over for a Friendsgiving Feast.  The first of it’s kind in my world, it is for sure a keeper event.  Each of our friends picked their favorite side that they make to bring and put on the table.  Matt cooked the turkey in a trash can – yes, it was perfect.

I love my family and my friends.  This wrapped up my weekend perfectly.


Bower Media Thanksgiving Weekend      Bower Media Thanksgiving Weekend


Christmas?  Well, that is a whole other adventure!  Stay tuned!

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