Workaholics Day

Today is Workaholics Day!

I thought I should get my post up first thing this morning, although I have already checked all my social sites, email, website stats and done research on what a Workaholic is.  Time to write into the blog and then jump into the projects for today.  I have a list.

Today is technically a holiday, or could be considered with the 4th of July yesterday and Saturday tomorrow, but nope, I’m here in my office working.  I worked a full (7-4) day yesterday too.  I have been on very few trips lately…”have to work…”  BUT, I am meeting my goals.  Yes, I am.  I am not ‘working for the man’ I am working for me!

In my research this morning, I found the Wikipedia Definition

workaholic is a person who is addicted to work. The term generally implies that the person enjoys their work; it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it. There is no generally accepted medical definition of such a condition, although some forms of stress, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder can be work-related.  Workaholism is not the same as working hard.
Although the term workaholic usually has a negative connotation, it is sometimes used by people wishing to express their devotion to one’s career in positive terms. The “work” in question is usually associated with a paying job, but it may also refer to independent pursuits such as sports, music and art. A workaholic in the negative sense is popularly characterized by a neglect of family and other social relations. Similarly, people considered to be workaholics tend to lose track of time – voluntarily or involuntarily. For example, subjects might proclaim that they will spend a certain amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes) on their work, while those “30 minutes” ultimately become hours.

Oops!  I am one!  I have always claimed to be, never denied it.  But this pretty much hits home.  Are you?

dreams workI knew after years of working ‘for the man’ that I wanted to have my own business, my own structure.  If I am going to work like this, I am going to work for myself.  And so I have.  4 years now.  I had to start from scratch, understand what I wanted to do; learn and show the market that I was capable; restructure what I wanted to do again; learn and continue to focus.  I am in a great spot right now, I love my job and can see the whole picture coming together.

Am I making money?  Nope.  Even the auditor at the IRS looked at me square in the eye and asked how I lived.  I looked him right back and said “Very carefully!”  Some decisions haven’t been made for monetary gains, some have been made for business gains or learning lessons.  I don’t regret anything, but it is also time to change that tide.

I have started my road to recovery.  I recognize that I am done working like this!  🙂  I have set up structure and hardly ever work through the night anymore.  I now work from 6or7am to 6or7pm instead of until 1or2am. Has my work faltered…um, I don’t get as much done as I used to and there are a few segments of production that don’t happen as often.   But I am better off….yes, I am!!

What have I been working on lately that has taken my attention?

    • Bower Media is always the core working with different clients like Raceline Wheels, W.E. Rock and others.
    • We just launched a brand new version of the Race Team Store last month.  (Which is awesome btw)
    • I started a new program in January that has been a huge success and launched its very own website in June: Shirt & Swag Club.  
    • The I’m Not Just a Girl Clothing, Jewelry & Gift line is doing well and we released a new shirt in March at the 3 year anniversary mark, plus I got this website going and am striving to post everyday.  
    • I started a new segment to my business that includes working with companies, racers, events and charities on their Tshirt production and Swag / Corporate Gifts. These will be visible on the Race Team Store soon.
    • I still post industry information onto UTV Weekly, Connected Motorsports Media and will be launching a new information site in September. (watch for this…fully out of the box thinking!)
    • My Month of Cause was a great series that I started.  I got an awesome website going for it and then went on a 2 week work trip that broke my routine.  I have on my goals to start posting there again daily.
    • I am working on a new website that will release this month (July)…sorry, you’ll just have to wait and see, but I will tease you with it has to do with all my Bower Media pictures.
    • And then there is the Social Sites. OMG there is a lot going on out there!  All I can ask is that you go to and start clicking away.  I post different information on different sites, so they are not all the same in your newsfeed…sometimes, but not always.
    • I work everyday at learning something new about social media, SEO and websites to better myself and those that I am working with.
    • I am also going to start being more consistant on my newsletters.  If you are not receiving the periodic blast, please sign up…I think you will like them!!  sign up
    • I realized that there was a lot going on, so I made a landing page. If you want to see it all in one place, you can go to

I got Dreams.  I can do this!  I don’t work, just to find something to do anymore.  I work to accomplish a much bigger goal.

I leave you with this thought and something that I remind myself daily:

Never Get So Busy Making a Living That You Forget to Make a Life


I’ve become a fan of infographics…check out this one….   (Click to make bigger)




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