Failure Always Comes Before Success

It’s true.  Failure is the root cause of success.  (Failure can also be the root cause of a lot of other negative things…but we are keeping to the positive side here!)

I had to introduce myself on a forum today.  It was based around business, so I lined out all the websites, all the social media sites and everything else that I manage.

I titled it “Love Learning.  Love Feedback.”   Blah Blah Blah about all we do, and then I ended it with this:

Holy Cow…that list is long!  No wonder I have a great relationship with the girl that colors my hair 🙂 Feel free to poke around.  I love feedback.  I do all of it myself, and I know there are holes.  Sometimes we just need to be given a list and told what to do!  Really looking forward to hanging out with everyone.  I have failed a lot, but that makes you excited about the wins!   …that’s Business!  ~ Charlene

Fail Win SuccessAnd that just rolled off my keyboard around 6am.  I had a pretty standard day, well actually, not really.  I went out and did a interview with one of the racing leaders in the Offroad Industry Shannon Campbell, but he is my friend, no different than going out to dinner…with a video camera.  One of my questions was about winning and loosing.  He said he goes for the win at all costs, and if he can’t get it then he goes for the next best, and when he can’t get that he leaves and looks at everything that he did wrong and what he can do better for the next race….where usually he comes out with a win!  Exactly!
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I came back home and got on the computer to start some of my research and learning with this group.  By 5pm I was discouraged.  I went outside and told Matt that I was “dumb”.   He said “Why are you dumb?” and then quickly followed it with “or should I say I don’t think you are dumb, so why do you think you are dumb.” Which made me smile.

“I’m dumb because I didn’t see all of this great information before and have been struggling with all my projects when the help was right there, but I didn’t know how to find it.” Big sigh.

But I’m not dumb, and we can all (hopefully all) agree on that.  I am just discouraged for the moment.  The hard work on the road led to me huge challenges, but also introduced me to tons of awesome people.  But the challenges overcame and it told me that this was a failing venture.  I took the information that I learned and moved it on.  I purged ahead forward to the next venture and then hit a brick wall a little harder!  Took the information that I learned, logged it and moved on.  Failure is part of the process to success.  I have success in my cart.  It exists.  But, not all my eggs are successes yet.  Some are still cracked.  Will they heal or will they spoil and be thrown out is the question.  Only hard work will show us the reality of the future.

I am part of a Secret Group on Facebook called The Failure Group.  I laughed when I was invited to join,  then I read the About the Group section and immediately accepted the request.  What did it say?   Failure is a part of the process toward success. I created this group so that we could share our failures to help ourselves and others succeed.  I believe that we’re taught not to fail but this can hamper our road to success when in reality failure is a motivator.  If you haven’t failed then you haven’t had the courage to try new things!

Yes! If you haven’t failed then you haven’t had the courage to try new things.  If it’s not working adjust it, try it 10 different ways!

Yes! We’re taught not to fail.  Look deeper into your words and actions with your kids and peers.  It’s ok to fail.  Focus on the lesson of Why and What Worked and What Didn’t work.  Learn from the failure, don’t discourage the actions.

Yes! Failure is a motivator.  Sounds funny, but it has to be true.  I don’t deny the process of pouting, but get back up and prove that you can do better!

So, go out and Fail.  Heck, share your failure story with me!  I would love to hear it.  We all have one….ok maybe multiple…

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