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motorized-shopping-cartI was in Walmart doing my shopping.  Yes, I shop at Walmart.  The prices and experience are the same across the country, it’s one of the few things I can count on.

Anyways, I was in Walmart doing my shopping.  I operate on a very tight budget so I was picking items and adding them up in my head so when I got to the checkout station there was no surprise.  I got everything that I needed on the list and pushed my cart to the checkout stand.  I should be right at my target price.

I strategically look at all the lines that are open and make my way towards one that looks shorter than all the rest.  The most strategic part of shopping!  I fell in line behind a larger lady in one of the motorized shopping carts.  I grabbed for a magazine to flip through to bid my time; my picks are People Magazine, STAR or US which ever one has the catchiest photos on the cover.

As the lady in front of me pulled forward, I could see that there wasn’t an easy way for her to unload her front basket up onto the black conveyer.  I eyed the situation for a moment and took action.

“Can I help you put your items up there?”  She looked at me somewhat sad, knowing she needed the help.  “Yes, thank you.”  The Walmart check out lady said thank you through the glance that we exchanged and I got busy.

I unloaded her basket, and at the bottom there were hot dogs!  About 20 packages of Hot Dogs.  Welcome Charlene’s personality as I said “Holy Hot Dogs!” and she was excited that they were on sale for a dollar and could freeze them.  I asked the checkout lady to confirm the price and all three of us were entertained by the $1 hot dog stash that she was buying.  Yes, there was a line behind us watching all of this.  We emptied her cart, less the prescriptions she was picking up and she pulled forward to pay.

I dropped back and unloaded my cart onto the the conveyer, still anticipating that I would meet my budget, but not sure.

As I cleared my items and put the separator down, I went to help load the ladies basket back up with all her purchases.  Between the Walmart Checkout lady and myself we got her all organized and ready to roll home. (I did look in the parking lot to help her unload, but she was no where to be seen, so I figured she was one of those that drives her scooter to the store!)

As she zoomed off, the Walmart lady started scanning my items and said thank you for helping.  “It’s easy, I know one day we will all need the help, so why not make someones day a little easier.”   She rung up all my items as I put the bags into my cart, I did notice she was pressing buttons more than normal…normally you just hear “beep” “beep” or “chaching” “chaching”.  When I went to pay, it was considerably less than what I had added up in my head.  She noticed my eyes narrowing in thought and said, “I took a little off for you helping out.”    “Not necessary, not necessary at all…but Thank you!”   Every time I see a package of hot dogs now I am reminded of that day…

Remember, everything matters, but you may not know what matters.  It was visible that the lady in the scooter could use the help.  But, the checkout lady that relieved my bill, even by a little, didn’t know that she really helped me too.

Whats your latest story of reaching out?

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