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All BooksRead a bedtime story that interests you as much as it intrigues your young off-roader with this group of hard bound, full color, children’s books produced by Lerner Publications Company. Content Consultant and select Images by Charlene Bower, Bower Motorsports Media.

In this kit is the full set of all six Tearing It Up children’s books which are: Mud Truck Racing, Monster Trucks, Demolition Derby,Rock Crawling, Rally Car Racing, and Tractor Pulling.

Listed below is each book along with their description.

Mud Truck Racing
Do you like fast trucks and loud engines? How about buckets of mud flying in all directions? If yes, then mud truck racing is for you! Big trucks tear through mud bogs on their way to glory. Bog racing is not for the faint of the heart or for people who like to stay clean. The mess and thrill of mud truck races will make you glad to get dirty.

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, organizations, technology, and the important drivers connected to mud truck racing. You’ll learn:

      • How much water, sand and dirt are used to make mud bogs.
      • Which driver finished a 200-foot (61-meter) mud race in just 2.11 seconds.
      • How drivers have upgraded engines and fuel to give trucks more horsepower.
      • How mud truck racing started and who the best drivers are.

Monster Trucks
Do you know what it’s like to drive a truck that is as big as an elephant? Despite their giant size, monster trucks can pull off soaring jumps, flips, and other epic stunts. These trucks compete head-to-head to reveal the fastest and the most agile of them all. Events such as the Monster Jam World Finals keep the crowds on the edge of their seats.

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, courses, mechanics, rules, and the trailblazing drivers connected to monster trucks. You’ll learn:

      • How race organizers create a track with plastic, plywoods, and lots of dirt.
      • What gear and strategies drivers use to protect themselves.
      • Who pulled off some of the wildest moves in monster truck history.
      • What it’s like to crush a row of cars beneath a monster truck’s enormous tires.

Demolition Derby
Have you ever seen a car crash? How about dozens of car crashes all at the same time? At demolition derbies, you’ll see drivers ram their cars into one another until only one car remains moving. Crowds roar and cheer as hoods and doors and other car parts fly through the air.

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, gear, rules, strategies, and the top drivers connected to demolition derby. You’ll learn:

      • What makes a great demolition derby vehicle.
      • How drivers look for hits and avoid getting smashed by other cars.
      • Who popularized the sports in the United States.
      • Where the biggest derby took place.

Rock Crawling
Did you know that some drivers go over boulders instead of around them? Rock crawling vehicles have huge wheels that can grip rocks and help the cars climb steep slopes. The sports is all about precise driving. At rock crawling events, you might see cars crossing wide chasms, driving down steep slopes, and finding the best way around tough obstacles. Sometimes you’ll even see cars tumble end over end down a hill.

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, courses, competition rules, and the best drivers connected to rally car racing. You’ll learn:

      • When and where the first- ever rock crawling competition took place.
      • What tools and strategies the drivers and spotters use to overcome obstacles.
      • Why rock crawlers try to get the lowest score possible
      • How to stay safe in a vehicle perched on the edge of an enormous boulder.

Rally Car Racing
Have you seen a rally car race before? The vehicles may look like cars you see on the street, but rally cars have been modified for incredibel endurance, strength, and speed. The race on courses made of dirt, sand, and even ice! Rallying brings together the best car manufacturers, drivers, and mechanics to put their cars to the test.

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, courses, competition rules, and the celebrity drivers connected to raclly car racing. You’ll learn:

      • Who the most successful rally car racer in history is.
      • How a rally car is built to last through a tough 1,000-mile (1,609-kilometer) race.
      • What equipment and rules ensure the safety of the racers and fans.
      • Why rally car races are the ultimate test of a driver’s skill and and stamina.

Tractor Pulling
Did you know that tractor-pulling vehicles can have as many as six engines in one tractor? These engines come from vehicles such as jets, speedboats, and tanks! The tractors need as much power as they can get to drag huge amounts of weight down the tack. In fact, tractor pulling is considered the world’s most powerful motor sport.

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, organizations, technology, and the famous drivers connected to tractor pilling competitions. You’ll learn:

      • who decided one engine just wasn’t enough for his tractor.
      • How a blind tractor puller can compete and win.
      • Which rules had made tractor pulling safer.
      • How you can try tractor pulling

Are you into sports? The get in the zone!


  • Hard Bound
  • 9 1/2″ Tall
  • 7″ Wide
  • 32 Pages
  • Author: Paul Hoblin & Brian Howell
  • Published by Lerner Publications Company, Inc.
  • Content Consultant & Selected Images: Charlene Bower

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