I’m Not Just A Girl Fancy Fish V-neck Shirt

I’m Not Just A Girl Fancy Fish V-neck Shirt

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Im Not Just A Girl fancy fishCompany Name: I’m Not Just a Girl

Item Style: Black and Gold Shimmer Vneck Tshirt

If you like fishing, the water, or mermaids this is the perfect shirt! If you look close you will see that the hearts are actually made out of fish hooks and the mermaids are floating in the water with gold fish. This is NOT just a black shirt, it is a very unique gold speckled shirt that shimmers like your favorite lake or river in the sun. A generous and comfortable fit.


  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Poly
  • Sophisticated Shimmer
  • Stylish Neck stitching
  • Black, Gold Shimmer, Teal design with Gold and white highlights

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Fancy Fish Vneck Shirt















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