I’m Not Just a Girl Rhinestone Bow Necklace

I’m Not Just a Girl Rhinestone Bow Necklace

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Price: 9.95

I'm Not Just a Girl Rhinestone Bow NecklaceDescription

Company Name: I’m Not Just A Girl
Item Style: Ladies Jewelry

Do you have a think for bows and really sparkly jewelry?

This is a simple necklace made with multiple charms. The main charm is a silver bow covered in white rhinestones to make it really sparkle! All our necklaces come with a “I’m Not Just A Girl” banner to remind you there is more to being a girl than meets the eye. This is a perfect necklace for any girl little or adult who loves really sparkly jewelry.


  • Chain is 18″ From Clip to Top of Charm
  • Charms Length 1/2″
  • Charms Width 3/4″
  • Sterling Silver

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