Moab Mild to Wild

Moab Mild to WildI had a rare opportunity to go to Moab on an ‘off weekend’, so we decided to load up the buggy and take ‘a vacation’.  I can’t  remember the last time I had a vacation…I get to go to awesome places across the US, but normally by myself or with an agenda that is usually close to unobtainable.  Totally didn’t work.  I mean, I worked. :)

We blew into town on Wednesday night and was greeted with a full moon and beautiful clear skies.  Thursday we met up with the Rebel Offroad guys where I dropped off these awesome Trail Packs that they are handing out at a Jeep Jamboree near you!

We wheeled around on Thursday going out to Gemini Bridges after taking a little  adventure on Golden Spike and Rusty Nail.  I haven’t been on top of the Gemini Bridges since I was a kid! Great memories.

Friday we joined the Jeep Jamboree USA Strike Ravine trail run, which also
had enough time to do Behind the Rocks.  Have you considered a Jeep Jamboree?  They are an awesome opportunity to experience a new wheeling area, or give yourself a safe environment to try your 4×4 skills. Did you know, there are close to 40 across the country?!

Saturday we went out to AreaBFE with the Moab 4×4 Outpost crew.  I have been to AreaBFE quite a few times, but never had an opportunity to hit all the trails.  We hit all (most?) of the hard trails and loved it!  Did you know that AreaBFE is open year-round to donation only wheeling?  Did you know that Moab 4×4 Outpost is in it’s 10th year of service  keeping Moab wheelers on the trails?  Two great groups to support!

Feature Presentation…..  (Yes! That’s me driving at the end!)

Thursday: Rusty Nail and then all the way out Seven Mile Road to Gemini Bridges.


Friday: Jeep Jamboree USA run on Strike Ravine and Behind the Rocks

To see the whole album CLICK HERE!

Moab Mild to Wild Moab Mild to Wild

Saturday:  AreaBFE with Moab 4×4 Outpost friends. We did all the hard trails!

To see the whole album CLICK HERE!

Moab Mild to Wild Moab Mild to Wild


Always, a special Thank you to Danny Grimes, Grandpa’s Garage, for his hospitality and warm welcoming.

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