Some Days

charlene bower arizonaSome Day…just aren’t meant to be!

I believe in it!

So, after a long hard February with our all so famously time destructing King of the Hammers race and vendor show, coupled with my debit card that got compromised and a host of other small but nit picky things that really don’t add up to anything, but annoy the snot out of you at the moment, I made it to March 1 and prayed for a better start.


The morning started off on a hot foot.  Running and running fast.  But making it.  I had to be out of town by 11am to make it to California for Tierra del Sol and most importantly for the Raceline Wheels hosted taco dinner and band.  Flipping money with no debit card to pay bills, I made it to the bank and the post office and was headed to the border.  One more stop to pick up Matt at work and we were outta there!


raceline wheels bfgoodrichNot long after my truck decided that it didn’t want to go forward anymore.  (That is the nice way of saying it broke down!)  And we were pulled off the freeway.  I’ll admit, I’m not sure what broke down more….Me or the Truck!  I was done.  Turn around, lets go home! So we limped it back home and in the process planned a trip to go wheeling in our local Arizona mountains on Saturday.  “I need to do something fun!”

We got up on Saturday and were supposed to meet some friends to head out to the dirt for the day.  They were running behind, so I waited and cleaned the house at the same time.  Truly a luxury on a Saturday in my life!  When we got the call, we headed up the mountain.


They were no where to be seen in the parking area.  Now I was getting grumpy…where are they? In the meantime, one of our other friends, Chuck,  who had a brand new buggy showed up and we decided that just the two of us would hit this Black Diamond trail.  True Arizona Wheeling.  We had a great day!

matt raceline bfgoodrichThe weather was perfect.  The sun was out, the breeze just slightly there. I got some awesome pictures and I got a quick nap while the guys cleaned a fuel filter.  Both buggies worked and worked well.  The Raceline Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires and WARN Winches surely got a work out.  We were on the trailer, headed home, thoughts of bacon wrapped jalapenos and stuffed mushrooms on the mind.


Not a call from either of the other two guys.  Wonder what they are up to?  Wonder what happened?  Guess if they need help they will call.  By morning it was obvious that they hadn’t made it out of the trail.  And by around 11 we heard from them that one of the buggies had broken the cases on the farthest in part of the trail and had to winch out the entire trail!  Am I glad that I wasn’t with them?


Some days go bad, and then have some weird way of working back around into good.  Remember, everything happens for a reason!



This was NOT our trail run…but it was the trail we were on…

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