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Keep watching!  The 2015 Weekend Getaway is over, but we’re already looking forward to 2016!  

INJAG Weekend Getaway Outside Invitation



2015 i'm not just a girl getawayCome to my (Charlene’s) house and join other girls that know how to have just as much fun as you do! Our Weekend will be filled with lots of fun, but if relaxing is on your agenda, we have that covered too! You might even leave with a new friend or two!

The weekend will start on Friday night as you arrive. We will have a shuttle from the Phoenix International Airport, or you can drive to Mesa, AZ and park at the hotel. We will get you checked in and settled into shared rooms. Depending on what time you get here, the hotel shares parking lots with one of our main shopping malls. Yes, I said shopping! As dinnertime approaches we will be serving an easy dinner and dessert, something that if you come in later, you can heat up and still enjoy. We will hang out by the fire in the backyard laughing and telling lies until you are ready to shuttle back to the hotel.

Saturday morning we will start off with a full breakfast at the house. Come hungry – we’ll keep your belly full for the weekend! We ask that you pack a gift valued around $20 that explains ‘who you are’ – something that describes you. The first activity of the day is introducing yourself to the group and showing off what you brought to share – no need to wrap it.  After we go around the circle, then we will play a fun game to exchange the gifts. This game will be followed by an hour or so Social Media Class that will have something for every skill level – from newbie to expert! That will be about it for work!

Lunch, of course, is next. Followed by an afternoon of activities. The activities are still in the planning stage, but I will say you will have plenty to do and experience. There will be lots of fun areas set up like a crafting table area, a fluffy room with chick-flicks running on the big screen, hair & makeup, nails & massage, cooking anything out of the cupboards, green screen I’m Not Just a Girl photo shoot, welding in the garage, or just hanging out by the pool in the 75+ degree Arizona spring. Knowing me, I am sure we will come up with more ideas too!

Of course, then it’s time for dinner and dessert! After dinner, we will take a minute to get ready to go out and laugh…. I’m not going to ruin the surprise on where we are going…but I guarantee a hysterical time! Laughing is the best medicine for everything and there will be plenty of that all day!

Sunday morning we will have a nice breakfast, or should we call it brunch? We will do a final fun group activity and those that need to peel off to go home are welcome to. Those that don’t need to, or fly out later in the day, are welcome to stay at the house for a casual day, or we can head to the mall for some girl shopping time. We’ll play that part out at the time.

The cost listed of $299 for the event includes a shared hotel room, all your meals, entertainment and fun. All you need to do is get to Phoenix International Airport or drive into town and you are our welcomed guest from there. I’m trying to keep it affordable and simple for everyone to join. At the same time, I want to make it memorable and relaxing for everyone. Ready to reserve your spot? I am going to limit it to a set number this year – my office & house isn’t huge – but comfortable – can hardly wait to have you here!


PS – Don’t expect a mansion on the hill when you come to visit (although I dream of one!). I have a nice and comfortable home and office. There are no expectations and I am not flaunting anything, I just want to get a fun group together for a fun weekend to celebrate I’m Not Just a Girl’s 4th Anniversary!


PSS – Piston and Oil will be residing in the trailer for the weekend, but if you are allergic to cats, I would suggest bringing/taking your allergy medicine so you can enjoy sneeze free. The house is clean, but I can’t guarantee you won’t encounter a little kitty fuzz. 🙂


INJAG Weekend Getaway Inside Invitation

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